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Invasion of Privacy

If you are unaware, today someone or a lot of someones found a way to access/hack iCloud, which allowed them to find private pictures of others.  As far as I know, it is possible for your pictures taken on the iPhone to automatically be added to the “Cloud”, which some folks won’t realize.  This means that certain celebrities that have private photos of themselves have now had those pictures found.

Jennifer Lawrence, among others (haven’t really poked around the reddit posts to see names, seeing as this is ridiculous), have had their images leaked.  Some of these are nude/sexual in nature.  And now, some people are selling these pictures, and others are openly sharing them as if this is God’s gift to humanity.

The people that brought these images to light and those that proliferate the spreading of the pictures are awful.  They lack empathy.  These aren’t pictures of people to them, they are just the dolls they see in movies and want to stick their dick in.  Instead of respecting privacy, they are cheering over the invasion of privacy, while condemning the government from doing the same to them in the same breath.  If privacy is such an important aspect of American life, why are we not respecting that idea?

There are huge text posts with links to every leak, people updating these threads live, and talking as if this is normal.  There are plenty of pictures out there of women who willingly showed their bodies that you can view for your own pleasure.  This idea of “The forbidden fruit is the most desired” is pretty sad.  Place your desires aside and respect others.  Willpower doesn’t seem to exist anymore, though.

It’s just sad to see people ignoring their own principles because PENIS SAYS SMOOSH SMOOSH.  They are people, not just made up characters.  How would you feel if people were spreading photos of you that you didn’t want out there, especially VERY private ones?

These are just my thoughts.  And I just know that Social Justice Warriors are going to eat this shit up and thrive on this example of men being literally Hitler.  And for once, they’ll actually have legitimacy in their claims. :/




Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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